Workshops & Retreats

How do we enter the flow state?   

This is the main question I currently focus on, during my workshops and retreats.  
To enter the flow state means to be able to fully express yourself on the handpan. To create a channel of creativity to release and show your feelings.  

My workshops are not aiming for a certain level of playing. Both bloody beginners and intermediate players will get their teaching in one of my workshops.   

As we are all different human beings, we all learn differently. Because of this fact I offer various concepts of workshops and retreats.

One to One

Let’s spend 48 hours just the two of us and dive deep into your very own playing. We‘ll focus on your approach of the handpan and find out where’s space for improvement and growth. Meanwhile we have an intimate space to get to know each other on a personal level.

This is by far the most expensive concept: 2000€ + accommodation and transport
Please only request if you're willing to spend so much money on this.


At my home

This is an offer for everyone who already play the Handpan for some weeks or months.
I will welcome you at my home and we will have 5 days of intense handpan lessons.
Located in the middle of the Black Forest, my home invites us to get in contact with our creativity
and find new ways to explore our handpan.



This is the most complete experience you can get. We spend seven days surrounded by beautiful nature with other handpan enthusiasts, many handpans and just infinite space to play and learn together. Not only the endless handpan lessons, but also the community makes this time unforgettable.