Retreats 2024

I am currently taking a break from retreats. 

We plan to announce new dates soon!

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Become a better Handpan Player!

Learn how to express yourself & play your own music.

"Become a better Handpan Player" is something, you'll never here from my mouth. I deeply believe and experienced, that it takes just a few teaks here and there, to unleash the full expression of ourselves.
Most of us are traumatized by the past when it comes to music and playing a musical instrument. My unique approach of teaching reveals a simple path of how to develop and cultivate your own music.
During the last 5 years I accompanied more than 3000 students on their handpan journey, which gives me a deep insight about the diversity of playing, approaching the handpan, expression and everything else related. 
Join one of my retreats to dive deep into yourself and your handpan playing. 

Technique, Skill & Feeling

All it takes

There are probably as many handpan approaches as there are handpan players. This is why I feature all different aspects of playing in my retreats. We have a look on following subjects:

- Stroke Techniques
- Several Grooves
- The Science of Patterns
- Expression
- Improvisation & Composition
- Jamming / How to play in groups
& much more