One to one

Truly a beautiful experience. To share this intimate space, to create a connection and experience of unique moments of music and magic. 
The 1 to 1 sessions are the most intense workshop concept I do offer. We can explicitly aiming on your current state of playing. Doing so, it offers my students a deeper understanding of their own playing and we are able to go a huge step into the desired direction together. 

The 1 to 1 is tailored to your needs and wishes. I am more than open to share everything I know about the handpan and life with you.  

I will come to your place (or wherever you want to meet up) for 48 hours & bring a suitable handpan. All costs like travels, accommodation and food will be covered by you and are not included in the price. 

Price: 2000€ + accommodation & transport (please only request this, if you're willing to pay this high price. Otherwise you'll find other beautiful workshops & retreats on this website)

Please write an email with a personal introduction, a brief overview of your playing level, your location or the place where you want to meet up and possible dates.
I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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